About the Project

This Heartbeat on Scotland survey is the beginning phase of a larger MFA project to explore connection and disconnection by understanding how Scotland is feeling in this moment in time. The aim is to give artistic voice to the different experiences while critically examining how is Scottish society working, for whom, and what that feels like from different viewpoints.

Given the turmoil and upheaval of the global recession, financial crisis, and Brexit it’s a timely question. As the SNP contemplates a second referendum on Scottish independence I wonder, How is Scotland feeling? It’s a question less about identity and more about threads of connection and disconnection in the fabric of Scottish society. Asking how is Scotland feeling is asking about the state of that social fabric, about feeling valued and heard, about community.

This survey will lead to conversations and ultimately an installation likely comprised of interconnected pieces of original work and research artifacts woven into a multifaceted narrative. My hope is that this work lays the foundation to reconnect through action, activism.

About the Artist

My work is largely centered on exploring emotion conceptually and critically to examine the cultural myths we accept to be able to function daily through the stories behind the everyday. Employing art, design, and social theory illuminates systems we live in and expectations we live with. The outcome? Art that aims to pinpoint trouble spots, inspire action, and foster understanding.